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Kate Spade Shower Curtain Ideas – After a shower curtain is used properly it can not only improve their health, it can help extend the life of a bathroom, the shower curtain and shower curtain liner. If you have ever been in someone’s bathroom and the smell mold, it may be that they are not using their shower curtain properly. If you are someone who wants to know how to use a Kate spade shower curtain or want to check if you are using it correctly, read the tips in this article on how to use a shower curtain.

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Invest in a good quality cloth Kate spade shower curtain with hooks to transform your bathroom from drab to fabulous. Buy a plastic liner for shower curtain that compliments the color of your curtain and bathroom accessories. You can try to choose a light and dark version. This will also help to ensure there is always a plastic lining to protect your shower curtain, because the lining should be washed several times a month so that it will not harbor mold or dirt on the curtain or in the bathtub. Always put plastic lining the bathtub to avoid the shower water runs off. The cloth shower curtain is supposed to stay on the outside of the tub the whole time.

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A good thing to do with a Kate spade shower curtain after a shower is to pull the shower curtain the length of the tub, so that it dries faster. Remember that the plastic coating should stay inside in the bathtub while it dries. The bathroom door had better open for ventilation and to help speed up the drying of the curtain. These tips on how to use a shower curtain will keep the bathroom free from musty smelling, stay moist and walls from sweating.