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Oct 7th

Paisley fabric or in some place known with Kashmir (cashmere, print bacteria, print amoeba, beta or both) is a fabric design shaped curved tear, 1 a motif that resembles a huge coma, popular in the manufacture of fabrics and patterns such as carpets, shawls, ties and scarves. Paisley fabric was born in Aguascalientes (Kashmir, India) where fine wool shawls were made with this design.
However, the design of Paisley fabric has its origin in Persia, where it is called both (bush), which refers to small cypress trees, this motif was used for centuries in buildings dating back to the Sassanid dismasted and later in the manufacture of carpets Persian culture before introduction and marketing in India. Soldiers returning from the colonies brought cashmere shawls and Company of the Indies continued importing. The first imitations made in handloom, but from 1820 were made in looms Jacquard.2
Between 1800 and 1850, approximately weavers City Paisley (England) were the largest producers of these shawls cashmere (imitated) by lid that became popular with the Anglo-Saxon people with the name design “Paisley”. First they got to work the fabric shawl with five different colors, while the rest of the industry did only 02.02 Circa 1860, Paisley could knit shawls with fifteen colors, it was still only a quarter of the colors They are presenting the shawls that were imported from the Kashmir region. Yeach, that is about paisley fabric

Top Paisley Fabric
Top Paisley Fabric
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