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There are various shapes and sizes of bathroom, however, usually can say that there are three groups are long and narrow bathroom sink, wide and short bathrooms and irregular bathrooms. The distribution of a small, elongated bathroom is usually done in the following way  sink and toilet in one of the walls and bath or shower in the background, thus the other wall is free and allows fluency in step. It is important to note that at the time of placing all elements of the bathroom, the toilet should be more protected, so it tends to put the sink first

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In general, to paint the walls along narrow bathroom sink is common to choose light colors for the side walls and a dark color for the wall. If we serve this visual trick, get a cool optical effect.

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If you have to share the bathroom with another person, be very useful to place a sink of both breasts in your long narrow bathroom sink. You can choose models with single shelf or two completely separate sinks. Today take a lot rectangular basins, in a small, elongated bathroom, choose a sink two breasts and narrow rectangular shape is the best option.