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Coordinated to the decor of your bedroom or bathroom fabric will add a finishing touch to a bathroom vanity stool. Building wooden stool, which requires a minimum of finish can be covered with richly elegant fabric like silk or velvet or a more casual denim or corduroy cover. Any type of fabric is applied to the stool by the same technique.

Posted on May 1, 2019 Bathroom Vanity

Place two rectangles of plywood together along the long edges at right angle wood glue and allow the glue to dry for three hours. Hammer nails every 3 inches to secure the joint. Repeat with remaining rectangles of wood to create a convertible bathroom vanity stool. Measure around the edge of the circle with tape and add 1 inch. Measure the height of the edge of the circle of soil and add 1 inch. Cut a rectangle of fabric for measurements skirt stool.

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Connect the unharmed edge skirt stool, long to the edge of the upper circle , using the hot glue gun and glue the fabric carefully instead of 1 inch at a time, starting at the edge unharmed, bathroom vanity stool, Cut the union to fit around the edge of the circle and put in place with the hot glue gun.