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Textures and natural materials used in design of a rustic bathroom decor provide an attractive option for homeowners to add a touch of nature in their abode. This suite option works well in holiday cottages, lake houses and mountain homes. If you have made decision to renovate an existing bathroom or purchased a home that already has a rustic bathroom, providing decorative features space as a clear feeling.

Posted on July 5, 2019 Bathroom Design

One cannot think of a rustic bathroom decor as a place to display artwork, but if you have wall space, hang a picture or two can add color to bathroom fittings. Sticking to pictures or paintings of rustic scenes depicting areas of forests, mountains, prairies and farmland. When it comes to frame, use rough, unfinished material old children wood, driftwood or bamboo. Create your own by attaching a layer of stones to a traditional frame.

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Rustic bathroom decor adds life and warmth into what might otherwise be an uninviting space. Stick to colors and textures common in natural world. Things like an old, wooden milk crate can serve as a storage device for toilet paper and adds interesting texture. Other ideas for accessories include an earthenware pot with dried flowers for fragrance, sticks made of pegs for hanging towels or even a bare wooden rocking chair, if you have space. Do not hesitate to bring in actual articles from outdoors as interesting rocks, driftwood or tree branches.

Ideas Rustic Bathroom Decor

If we get a rustic bathroom decor, we must focus on the style you have the cottages and the materials used, such as wood and ceramics. The key is to achieve a beautiful and harmonious composition between coatings and clear materials combined with dark wood. To begin, we must be clear that we need to put wood in all places we can. We can start by changing the sink cabinet. In this case, we recommend using pine wood, because of its resistance, previously treated against moisture.

There are other types for use in the sink cabinet. We can use totally rustic unpolished wood, and get into our rustic bathroom decor the country air we seek. Another alternative is to put natural wood furniture and give it a coat of matt varnish to protect it.

The rustic bathroom decor windows and walls, in the case of having windows, a good idea is to place wooden frames. We can also do the same with the mirror who is the bathroom. Similarly, if we have a closet shelf or decorative painting on the wall, we must preserve the style and use wood as the main element.