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Reorganize Clutter. Dispose of all products and toiletries that take up space on your desk. If you do not have an area of shelves in your bathroom, installing multiple rows and place products in small boxes with a matching color scheme as your bathroom.  Repaint the narrow depth bathroom vanity. Use light-colored paints to give the bathroom a fresh look. Select gloss paint in colors like brown, cream and pale yellow that reflects light, making the room seem larger.

Posted on June 11, 2019 Bathroom Vanity

Add more mirrors. The mirrors are instrumental in giving a narrow depth bathroom vanity. If you have a small mirror over the sink area or the vanity of your bathroom, remove and replace mirrors ranging from ceiling to vanity. Add another mirror on the opposite wall or in a place where it is to reflect the image of the first.

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Place again some hardware. If you have a shower with large doors, frosted, sliding glass, get rid of them. They are bulky and large. Replace with plain glass, clear running from the ceiling to the floor, giving the bathroom more height and narrow depth bathroom vanity as you can see all the way to the shower wall. Replace faded, unattractive accessories, with smaller tap as complements classical or modern pieces.