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Rustic bathroom designs – Whether it is a weekend retreat cabin or a master bathroom in your home, simplicity country rustic bathroom designs never gets old. With soft colors, antique furniture and delicate details, offers the rustic bathroom designs of country was a perfect setting. The walls and floor; Instead of the traditional bright country red, blue, green and earthy colors, paint your walls with softer, pale versions of these. Hardwood or stone floors give the bathrooms a rustic touch.

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Tub and Sink; Cast iron tubs and pedestal sinks both look great in country rustic bathroom designs. If you want to go all out, try replacing your sink faucet with one that looks like an antique water pump. Storage; Use open shelves for displaying rows of wicker baskets to organize your bathroom products. Put things like cotton balls, Q-tips and makeup wedges in mason jars on the bathroom counter.

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Light; Plug white hole lace curtains to let in as much natural light as you can. Use candles or an antique lamp to give the bathroom a cozy atmosphere. Accessories; you can never go wrong with fresh flowers in a rustic bathroom design. As a general rule, stick to white or light-colored towels and blankets to keep furnishings simple.