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Oak bathroom vanity –  Remove the drawers and all the hardware, and set it aside. Peel the tabletop vanity if your vanity is painted, varnished or stained in a color you do not like. Sand all surfaces with vanity 150 to 180 grit, including feeders and the edges of the drawers. Clean entire vanity with a tack cloth to remove dust. Cover the bottoms of vanity with tape and paper to protect it while working on top of the painter. Put on gloves. Apply wood stain to the surface of the vanity table with a cloth.

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Apply a little dark polish on a cloth and rub in some areas of the upper oak bathroom vanity. Imagine where it would have been worn by age and time, such as corners or the surface where it is used more. Rub shoe polish on it to discolor and remove most of the excess. Sand top, if desired, to increase her distress.

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Cool Oak Bathroom VanitySize: 1500 x 1500

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Paint all the rest of the oak bathroom vanity, including drawers. White is ideal for shabby chic, but a blue, pink or pale mint color will suffice. Sand all surfaces painted with fine sandpaper grain. Switch to a paper medium grain 80-120 and sanding the corners, edges, handles and around the edges of the drawers.