Otomi Fabric Lamp Shade

Nov 15th

Otomi fabric – One of the most practical ways is to replace the home decorating fabric elements, such as curtain, cushion, carpet, throw, bed linen, blankets and tablecloths. But, did you find the right motive? Here’s one ethnic motifs interior that can make alternative.
Otomi fabric is an indigenous traditional cloth of Mexico center. Motive is in the form of pictures of animals and plants, which usually comes in vibrant colors. There is also a motif with only two colors, depicting silhouettes of animals, such as birds, chicken and deer. This motif is derived from the basic white cloth embroidered with threads of different colors. Otomi fabric is suitable for you who like decorating colorful and vibrant.
Pattern otomi fabric is also easily recognizable and may be required for various domestic purposes. Difference, shades of evening wear Otomi not contrived or paint. Otomi fabrics shades obtain it from needlepoint-embroidery are made by more than one woman Otomi. Though so knowledge and hereditary habits, patterns and colors Otomi variegated continued to look exciting to this day. Moreover, you can Otomi fabric combine with modern decor. Another use Otomi fabric can be more creative. For example, you can take advantage of these features as cover bed headboard area.

Red Otomi Fabric
Red Otomi Fabric
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