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Small bathroom makeover ideas – Small bathrooms can provide a decorating challenge because the options are limited by the small space. Decorating a small bathroom can be even more complicated in a rented house, as it is unlikely to be allowed to make permanent changes or leave gaps behind walls. The trick to decorate these baths is to provide everything needed for the room is functional temporarily.

Posted on July 6, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

Install a storage cabinet or shelf over the toilet, which has a design that allows you to sit on the floor and on top of the toilet in the small bathroom makeover ideas, whether providing a locked storage area or racks for items such as paper towels and extra toilet paper. Add removable stickers for walls painted, papered or tiled to change the look of the walls without making permanent changes in the bathroom.

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Small bathroom makeover ideas replace shower heads, the shelves of towels and mirrors you do not like with accessories yes you like. Use the same holes in the walls for shelves for towels and mirrors, so you do not think new holes in the walls and original accessories stored in a safe place to reinstall them when you leave the house rented.