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Most tiling projects involve only a patchwork of colors, creating a uniform bathroom floor. For a variety of reasons, bathroom tile gallery may end up using tiles that do not match. In that case, you have to plan the layout of tiles before installing them permanently, so the mismatched tiles are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Measure the wall bathroom tile gallery with tiles that do not match. Mark a plant in another room with tape to match the dimensions of the wall.

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Repeat for each wall to be tiled. Dry laid the mismatched tiles on the bathroom floor. If only some tiles do not match the rest, try using these tiles as a border around the other tabs. You can also place the bathroom tile gallery randomly or in a pattern. Put the tile spacers between the tiles to make room for the grout lines.

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Take a digital photo of the tiles to use as a reference during installation. Stick a piece of tape on each tile and write a consecutive number to each piece of tape. This will help to place the tiles in the order determined. Collect the tiles and tile spacers and set aside.