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Polka dot shower curtain – When it comes to home decor, polka dots can make a statement. But while they take a whimsical, youthful accent to your home, they can be difficult to use if you do not want to create a childlike appearance. As you plan ways to incorporate the dots in your room, consider design alternatives that will create a visual statement without overwhelming the space.

Posted on July 9, 2019 Shower Curtain

The bathroom decor is often more playful and daring than the rest of the house and you can use dots to make a big statement in a small room. For an inexpensive alternative, hang a polka dot shower curtain for an instant transformation. Para curtain with a large, round rug that looks like a giant polka dot and incorporate other hand through space, such as a polka-dotted toothbrush holder or hand and bath towels. In a child’s bathroom, you can use a wider variety of bold colors that have a playful effect.

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Give a bathroom a whimsical style by decorating with a polka dot shower curtain motif. Create a feminine space using pink and brown dots. Jazz up plain walls by hanging a pink and brown dotted wallpaper border. Choose pink plush terry cloth bath towel features embroidered brown dots. Replace a dull shower curtain with a clear plastic version with bubbly pink and brown dots. For a more masculine style, choose turquoise and brown dots.