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Rustic small bathrooms decor is a popular trend in part because it allows for eclectic pieces that are more affordable but also because it blends well with other types of fittings such as bohemian modern, shabby chic, cottage style, green design and cottage style. While stereotype is that rustic equate with rickety, truth is that rustic pieces can be robust, well-loved family heirlooms full of stories and character.

Posted on May 24, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

Aim for a sun-faded beach cottage tone or distressed faux finishes. A classic rustic palette consists of earth tones with deep green or rusty red accents. Try different shades of brown, cream and gold to give bathroom that log cabin look. Natural materials such as stone and wood are ideal in a rustic bathroom.

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A traditional rustic small bathrooms decor is more about simplicity rather than clutter, so edit belongings or invest in any stock to keep surfaces more casual look. Goal is to achieve a sense of balance between interior and void, to lend room a little peace. Some wooden shelves with cabinets stained a dark brown or painted antique white, is a good way to hide things and retain rustic look.

Rustic small bathrooms decor is reminiscent of a ski cabins, cottages forest and beach cottages so nature has a significant presence. Allow natural light to filter in through cafe curtains on a wrought iron rod or clean linen tacked up on windowsill. Line a shelf with small vintage bottles for flowers or use a giant shell soap holder. Create a simple arrangement of cones or colored stones on a window sill.