Prefab Shower: More Practical, Eco and Last

Oct 17th

Prefab shower – If prefab ones are install quickly, works are adapt exactly to measurements of space. So decision is, above all, aesthetic. A shower of work can be customize. Coat it with same material bath to “conceal”. Or one in contrast to give prominence. And among prefab plates, in addition to ceramics and acrylics. There are new materials such as Rockx Stonex, non-slip and resistant. Or moldable elastic polyurethanes that can be cut to save columns or create curve shapes.
Do not hesitate and place prefab shower next to it. Showering with views or natural light is a pleasure that is priceless. Of course, install a transparent glass screen to let light circulate throughout bathroom. And choose clear materials to enhance light effect. Such as a limestone that covers floor, walls and countertop.
Having a prefab shower means giving up bathtub? No, as long as space permits. You can have a shower for day to day and a bath to take a relaxing bath from time to time. At practical level, ideal is that two elements are together to take advantage of situation of downpipes. Also for a matter of unit of materials and even for not having to duplicate accessories: radiator-towel rack, basket for gel and sponge and even closet for towels.

Prefab Shower Type
Prefab Shower Type
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