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Corian shower base – Once upon a time the classic white ceramic shower tray: it would be easy to decide what to put in your own home if in the last years were not released many other dishes in other materials. I carry in order of price, from cheapest to most expensive, with an extensive description of each type.

Posted on May 15, 2019 Shower Curtain

With Acrylic the same size and height, is the dish most economical Corian shower base that you can find. Benefits: it is with reduced thickness and therefore can be installed off the floor; shower trays can have very particular forms and beautiful aesthetically; Also the dishes in acrylic are very light and non-slip. Disadvantages : if it comes into contact with heat or ultraviolet rays of the sun turn yellow; if left residues of shampoo and soap in the long run the pot is likely to be stained;

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Ceramic is the material that we know best and in recent years has been reinvented with reduced thicknesses and finishes. Advantages: much nicer and linear in lower version (still high 6 cm), it is today without those ugly ceramic reliefs while maintaining the grip; also available with surface finish stone effect; remains the best value / price. Disadvantages : the ceramic Corian shower base struggle to be aesthetically beautiful as those made with other materials; If the user chooses the finish stone, ceramics under the surface layer is still white, so you have to pay attention to breaks and rows.