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PVC Vs Polyester Shower Curtain – The lining of the shower curtain is a mandatory item in the house, and is both functional and a personal choice. The two most popular material options have advantages and disadvantages. Durability, cleanliness and appearance are just some of the considerations to take into account when choosing a shower curtain for the bathroom.

Posted on May 22, 2019 Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are of two types: plastic and polyester shower curtain. Depending on your bathroom decor, you should choose the type that best matches the style of the house and bathroom colors. Generally, the outer curtain is plastic; the coating will also be plastic. An external curtain made of fabric can be combined with a plastic or fabric coating.

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Polyester shower curtain are a more expensive option because is more durable. Polyester made or washable cotton. In most cases, the curtains are also often sold as “the mold-proof”, which means they will not absorb the musty slow tubs to empty. The liners are usually white or cream, as the curtain can be of various colors, textures and patterns. Cloth liners can be fixed to an outer fabric in many ways. Thick PVC plastic liners are long-lasting and unobtrusive. PVC curtains are generally clear, and combine well with an outer curtain that has transparent parts or bathrooms where you want a visual more “invisible”.