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You may have to delete your Kohler shower faucet if your shower starts to leak, to adjust the temperature control valve, or just because you like a new style handle your shower. Kohler shower faucet handles come in a variety of styles, all of which are easily removed in the same way. Turn off the water supply valves, which must be located in a panel or cabinet near the shower or in the laundry room. If these valves cannot be located, contact your water company and make your house main water supply is turned off. Pry the center cover the faucet handle with flathead screwdriver or butter knife. If not removed, look for a small rubber or plastic cover on the bottom of your tap.

Posted on July 14, 2019 Bathroom Faucet

Remove this screw to access the Kohler shower faucet. Remove the screw with a hex wrench, screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver or. One of these tools should be appropriate. Turn the faucet handle to the left until it disengages from the tap. Take him out in a straight motion and remove the O-ring faucet is around the faucet stem. Pull cartridge sleeve form the cartridge away to reveal the cartridge which acts as a water mixing valve.

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