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The color you choose for wood vanities for bathrooms can change the entire look of your bathroom. Choose a paint color or stain of vanity. Remove the vanity shelves, drawers, mirror and door. Remove the pieces by hand or with a screwdriver. Be sure to remove the handles. Keep all parts in a safe place. Cover handle holes and inner drawer. Stick tape on the areas where the painting not want to reach, and inside holes drawer handle. Instead of tape, use a putty caulking material to cover the holes. After painting, you can remove the caulk.

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Use paint thinner to remove the existing coating white. Use a paint scraper to chisel any paint or stain remains vanities for bathrooms counters, drawers and sides. Sandpaper the sides, front and back counter. RUB feels smooth out irregularities on the surface of the vanity table, sides and drawers. Sanding also gets rid of any paint; you will stay with the grain of the original wood and texture.

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The paint primer vanities for bathrooms. Use white primer paint for the first layer. Use a large for larger tracts of vanity brush. Paint or stain the entire vanity. After paint, restore all vanity with drawers, shelves, door handles and mirrors.