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Replacing a seat antique brass bathroom faucet in a bathtub faucet compression only take a few minutes. First, turn off the water faucet in the city water meter and the house or the main shutoff valve individually. Open the outside faucet to relieve pressure and drain the piping system.

Posted on June 9, 2019 Bathroom Faucet

Then remove the handle with a screwdriver or a hex wrench. Some antique brass bathroom faucet handles require removing a cover screw or the Index button. Unscrew the wall plate shield’s handles by hand or by removing a screw. Unscrew the faucet stem with a hot key. Bathtub Insert key on the mounting nut’ s stems and turn left. The mounting nuts are generally stems from the wall behind the tub / shower. Insert the removal tool into the seat seat brass tap. Press firmly seat the tool, and then turn the tool and the left seat. Install a new seat antique brass bathroom faucet sliding it to the security key, and then insert the seat and the key in the tap. Align security thread on the back of the body of the key and turn the new seat clockwise to tighten. Re-install the stem, escutcheon and handle. Turn on the water and test the faucet leaks and drips.

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