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River rock shower floor – When decorating a shower, some people choose to splurge have a luxury shower is like taking a trip to a day spa. Whether you are designing a new shower from scratch and want to use a material that is but natural luxury, or you’re renovating a shower and want to include river rock as an accent, consider the cost, appearance and personal preference when deciding how to use it in the shower.

Posted on May 10, 2019 Bathroom Floor

Create an enclosed shower with river stone floor, walls and ceiling if you’re starting from scratch, if you want a uniform look for the shower or if you like river rock while want to be surrounded with. A river rock shower floor can create the visual impression of bathing in a waterfall grotto or cave. This approach of river rock shower is particularly appropriate for a nature lover.

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Cover walls of river rock shower floor in the shower to give a dose of natural texture, unusual, without the potential danger to the safety of an area of ​​uneven ground. This is an important consideration for anyone with balance or mobility problems. Hang a fern near the shower and install soft blue tile on the floor to mimic a tropical waterfall flowing over a cliff into a pool.

River Rock Shower Floor Design

The river rock shower floor are made ​​of real river rocks are classified, sized and mounted on mesh sheets of fiberglass, which simplifies installation. These stones are usually installed on shower floors, the soothing sensation that occur under your feet and the zen quality that contribute to the design of the bathroom. Extending blades river stone on the bathroom floor to determine the appropriate allocation between each.

River rock shower floor uses a razor blade to cut the mesh and red in the area where the drain is located. Get individual stones of the sheets and set them aside; they’ll use to create a defined around the drain fitting. Use the knife to trim the edges of the sheets at the points where the shower walls. Start the rocks of the pieces cut and set them aside to fill the gaps around the perimeter of the floor.

River rock shower floor, remove the sheets and stack them in reverse order, so that you can repeat the design when you start permanent installation. Spread a layer of adhesive mortar on the floor of the shower, using a notched trowel in “V”. Mortar after raking teeth of the trowel, and rotates the tool used to smooth flat edge marks.