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Installing a shower requires the use of parts that ensure tight drainage culverts across the water from the shower. A shower tray fiberglass parts requires the use of drain matching glass fiber, which are durable and relatively inexpensive. A shower tray plate fiberglass is a single molded element. The accepted method of installation is to fit it in the square shower drain, ensuring that properly positions the hole through the mouth of the drain tube. Connect the plate and the drain with drain body, and uses a rubber gasket to seal the joint between the plate and the drain. Whenever the board is firmly seated, there should be no leakage of water from the concrete base and the plate.

Posted on May 13, 2019 Shower Curtain

Use plumber’s putty around the square shower drain filter to seal the threads before placing it in the drain body. It also works well to seal cracks that may exist, for example, if the concrete base under the plate is not completely smooth, especially around the edges of the drain pipe, you may need to fill the gaps with putty to ensure that the drain body fits perfectly. However, the plumber’s putty should not be used in permanently damp environments, as it can break down and disintegrate over time, leaving you with a leak.

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