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Sheer shower curtain – Sheer curtains are like the little black dress, “go to” bite you grab when you want something smart and sophisticated, yet simple. Versatile sheer curtains can be used in traditional, formal occasions or as a temporary accent in the room as a bathroom. With its ability to coordinate with a broad color palette, they work well in any of your home room.

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Install a sheer shower curtain over a clear shower liner to add your own design to the bathroom. Try a sheer curtain that is embroidered with bright colors and patterns that add a touch of color and texture to the space. Add enough thin to the curtain rod to create a full, luxurious and warehouse design. Add height to the bathroom by installing sheer curtains on the shower curtain rod that is higher than the liner. For a hint of color, choose a colorful liner to peek through the large curtains.

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Sheer shower curtain for window treatment. Provide a light, sophisticated design and no covering up the architectural details found in old windows, which some heavier curtains do. Understated, they blend in well with a wide range of color palettes and styles homes. Frilly or ruffled sheers are ideal in the bathroom when you want to add a feminine touch to the room.