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L shaped shower curtain rod – Make your own L-shaped shower curtain rod is a good way to create a customized curtain rod, and may end up being a lot cheaper than buying an L-shaped rod, or have a plumber install one. You can use simple copper to make a curtain rod, and you do not have to do any welding or have any plumbing experience to get job done. Measure outer edge of a bathtub or shower hand basin and end where you want “L” curtain rod to go. Add an inch to measurement of length and width so you can make rod will be slightly larger than tub or shower basin.

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Cut two pieces of copper pipe to length and width measurements are taken using pipe cutters or a hacksaw. Insert end of length piece to one side of a three-way pipe fitting, and end of piece width of other side, with remaining opening up. This will make a corner, and gives you l shaped shower curtain rod. Measure down from ceiling to height you want curtain rod to hang, and cut a third piece of copper tubing to this length. Put this piece upright in third port of three-way.

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Insert a mounting flange on free end of length, width and height of upright tubes, and connect flanges to pipes with screws supplied flanges. Hold l shaped shower curtain rod over bathtub or shower basin in place, with your helper to help. Flange of upright rod should sit flat on roof, with flanges on ends of length and width moving flat on their walls. Attach flanges to walls and ceiling with screws included with mounting flanges.

I Shaped Shower Curtain Rod Ideas

I shaped shower curtain rod – With a wide variety of shapes and styles of shower, you may find yourself with a shower strangely in your room bathroom. Showers squarely designed to cover two walls of a corner, creating a special challenge when it comes to choosing a bar shower curtain. Showers strangely not have to use a conventional shower bar. If you have a shower at an angle of 90 degrees at the outer corner, treat it like a corner inside with windows on two sides.

The specialty I shaped shower curtain rod is available in home decorating stores and window treatment. Looking for a waterproof shower material. Hangers installed directly on the wall above the shower enclosure at the end portions of the walls. Such alternative shower bar must be used if it is in an L-shaped recess with a wall at the end of each of the short sides.

Do not try to settle your I shaped shower curtain rod install a shower curtain rod straight from the corner of each end of an I-shaped shower to the third side of a triangle. Put the shower curtain in the shower angle makes it look bigger when you have the curtain closed and prevents the curtain in the shower goal drafty.