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Small campers with bathrooms – Given the size constraints of small campers, reuse existing facilities to serve new purposes are usually the only way to change or upgrade rules. You can transform a closet to serve as a functional bathroom as long closet is large enough to accept a cassette toilet or shower combination unit. Converting a closet to accept a conventional toilet is an extremely complex and challenging proposition, because apart from driving a delivery of water into the space, you must take steps to store shower water and sewage separately until the camper towed to a legal dump station. This would mean mudslinging two separate holding tanks under the vehicle, and all the plumbing, valves and sewage flows necessary for them to function.

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Small campers with bathrooms, measure the dimensions of the closet. Ensure a cassette shower or toilet combo is available that fit into the closet space you intend to convert. If so, buy and unpack the appropriate device to locate the template that is usually a part of the delivery kit. Read and understand all the Manufacturers installation instructions, then use a permanent marker to transfer the dimensions of the template in the right place at camper’s outer wall.

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Small campers with bathrooms, clear the closet of all the fixtures and fittings. The location you have chosen must provide a run of exterior wall enough for the service port combo to be tight against the area you selected template dimensions. Follow all instructions supplied with the combo exactly. Use a stud finder before you begin your cut to make sure no wires, cables or structural support in the part of the wall. Make the hole from the outside with a jigsaw or circular saw.