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Good bathroom rugs not only improves look of your bathroom but can also add a level of security and comfort. Place a bath mat in front of tub and shower, and not have to worry about slipping when you leave. Choose a bath mat that suits your personal tastes, needs of your lifestyle and budget decorating, so you get best results. Use wool bathroom rugs to add drama and texture to floor of your bathroom. Hairy carpets are a bit more expensive than traditional but add a touch of style to even most basic room. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and styles, so finding one you like will not be difficult. Since wool carpets are all purpose, you may need to purchase a non-skid pad to bottom of carpet used in bathroom.

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Put your skills to test and create your own bathroom rugs. If you know knitting or crochet know, you can create a durable and attractive carpet using a rope instead of traditional cotton yarn; with fiber of this thickness. If you prefer sewing or knitting, make a carpet using fabric scraps. Sew pieces and add a backup, or use a latch hook canvas and pieces of a shirt to create a bath mat recycled only.

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The Best Bathroom Rugs

People put rug in the bathroom for a couple of reasons, but the practice is to avoid any slip when they come out of the shower. Bathroom rugs can also be simply to give you a comfortable place to stand while you wipe after leaving the shower. Coming out of the shower in the coldest days, you’ll see a rug of bath hot under your feet. Rug Restoration Hardware Paradigm is one of the best rugs for your room bathroom, according Apartment Therapy.

The Paradigm rug is made ​​in Portugal and is luxurious, absorbent and durable. It offers a framed edge; one side of the rug is rolled up with an edge cut pile, while the other side is a short stack rolled edge. You can also reverse these bathroom rugs to last longer. It comes in many beautiful colors like chocolate, goldenrod, fog, blue and shore.

Another of the best bathroom rugs bath mat is the bathroom of cotton organic reports Apartment Therapy. It is a rug of bath which comes in four sizes: 17 by 24 inches (43.18 x 60.96 cm), 20 by 24 inches (50.8 x 60.96 cm), 21 by 34 inches (53, 34 x 86.36 cm) and 30 to 36 inches (76.2 x 91.44 cm). This bath mat is manufactured in Europe and is made ​​from organic cotton that has been certified as such.