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When you start planning your next bathroom remodeling, consider cork floor in bathroom. It will be a lovely addition to your home and is easy to install. Learn basics of installing cork floor before starting. Measures bathroom where you plan to install cork flooring. To do this, measure length of room and multiply by width of room. This will give you square footage. To leave space for installation errors, adds an extra 10% off your square feet. Once you know square footage, you’re ready to buy cork floors.

Posted on June 5, 2019 Bathroom Floor

Cork floor in bathroom is a choice of special material highly debated for bathrooms. Although it is often used for its resistance to mold, there are different opinions about their ability to cope with a wet environment. Consider pros, cons and cost factors cork floor, to decide whether it is a good choice for your bathroom.

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Applying cork floor in bathroom with an adhesive based on water, Extends tiles carefully, making sure that joints between them are small. Using a blade to cut tiles that need adjustment, after installation, said tile having a roller 100 pounds over them, using a paint roller to seal tiles with a sealant, Wait 24 hours before reinstalling baseboards and toilet

Install Window Treatments Transom Windows

Transom windows are composed of a long, narrow window over a more traditional low. These are sometimes used to allow the passage of light and air while the lower windows are closed and covered by privacy. Cover the entire window, the bottom and transom, can be ideal to achieve privacy, to maintain a dark room at night or isolation. By covering the lower windows separately and then to install a curtain on both is easier to cover and uncover the transom as desired.

Place the shutters according to the manufacturer’s instructions at the bottom window can be closed separately from the main curtain covering the lower transom windows. Install a curtain rod on the wall near the ceiling over the crossbar. Be sure to place the right leg installing one of the supports, then holding the other in place and placing the bar on both.

Hang curtains that are long enough to reach from the bar to the floor. These transom windows are covered on the bottom and on the beam window. When the curtain is open, the lower window can be covered by its shutters to provide privacy, while light penetrating through the crossbar above. Spend the clips along the bar and hang it in the brackets.