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Small bathrooms make storage of most challenging essentials. Bulky towels take up valuable space in closet of existing clothes. Basic towel bars and rings are an option, but only have a couple of towels. A combination of towel racks for small bathrooms methods allow you to spread your towel arsenal which are convenient without taking up too much real estate in a small bathroom.

Posted on July 10, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

Special towel racks for small bathrooms let you use all wall space as possible for storage. Look racks similar to those found in hotels that have several folded towels between metal slats towels. Heated towel racks add advantage of heat to give warm towels when you leave shower. For a different frame, is an old rustic ladder against wall? Look for a basic small round staircase with steps so easily towels placed on them.

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Shelves make use of vertical wall space that would otherwise not use. A number of options work shelves for towel racks for small bathrooms. Place several cube-shaped shelves around wall for artistic towel. Roll or fold towels and put them in buckets. Simple shelves also work. Place cubes at a height that will not interfere with other tasks bathroom, but they are still available when a towel is needed.

Innovation Towel Racks For Small Bathrooms

There are different types of towel racks for small bathrooms. You can have a towel rack that can be used to put folded towels on top or can hang towels on rails. A towel rack also has space to hang your towels. A multilevel towel can be placed on wall near your bathtub or shower, and gives you convenience of having fresh towels when needed. One bar mounted on wall gives you another place to put some towels. Bars can be added as necessary.

Racks are easier to build and install cabinets, and are equally effective in holding towels if you only have a small number. Towel racks for small bathrooms you can buy commercially made ​​at any store home improvement or make your own taco and some tacos. When you connect racks to wall, be sure to screw directly into a wall stud for strength. Install racks high enough above back of toilet to hang towels can without touching toilet tank.

Place shelves on any empty wall space in your bathroom. Space above toilet is not used it can accommodate towel racks for small bathrooms. Build platforms directly on wall. Adjustable shelves fit on a piece of wall so you can modify way you want.