Steampunk Style Crafts for Chinoiserie Fabric

Jan 18th

Chinoiserie fabric – The steampunk style began as a literary genre, mixing elements of the Victorian era, discovering the flying machines, the time machine and adding fancy at the time. This rich atmosphere entered a craft world in which polished copper, iron and oxidized silver, worn leather, buttons and gears are fantastic elements to create a distinctive style of art.
The Victorian style clothes have a predominance of steampunk style. Brocades chinoiserie fabric, or Western interpretations of Chinese styles, and art deco details add style to the genre. Create leather corsets with large metal buckles. Put the corset on the shirt. Use tutus that they are more or less to the knee, this skirt can be made of velvet, heavy silk or wool. Suspenders, short or long, with wide collars of coats are also found in steampunk style. Garnish your clothes with embroidery, buttons and laces. Boots to the knee or calf, with a variety of heel heights, are used with steampunk clothes. Join metal details for your boots as small pieces of gear, ornate metal buckles, bows and pequeninhos pockets of leather or chinoiserie fabric.
Make a home for your little chinoiserie fabric creating a fairy canopy. A canopy can provide a fun space or stay on the bed of his children. Start with a hula hoop. Lace various lengths of ribbon through the hoop, crowding the ends and bending to form a ring, and tie tightly.

Waverly Chinoiserie Fabric
Waverly Chinoiserie Fabric
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