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Teak is a classic choice in wood for home decoration and a teak shower floor base adds a warm, natural look to the bathroom. Teak is famous for its weather resistance and is frequently used on boats, decks and outdoor furniture. This may lead you to believe that it will work just as well in the shower, but this cannot be true. While it is the most suitable timber for wet environments, you might get better result shower base classic tile, enamel or acrylic.

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Oils natural teak protects it from moisture, which helps free of mold and mildew is maintained. The oils, however, will not protect from stains that do not depend prolonged wetness. Typical shower floor is made ​​of a non-porous material, so that the stains are easily cleaned with a cleaner and a sponge. A teak shower floor must be sanded and refinished to remove stains.

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Unlike shower bases made of traditional materials, teak floors require maintenance. Although no moisture penetrates the wood and rot, rising grain and becomes slightly rough surface. To return to soften the grain, you should rub the teak shower floor with a bristle brush and soapy water. Regular cleaning can leave stains, so you’d have to mop the floor with laundry detergent to remove stains.

Special Teak Shower Floor

Teak shower floor – Teak has won peos on durability, and be a time-, insects and water resistant material makes it most coveted stretch for accessories. Wood an oily nature, pecoso with fine grain, very close, but time and resists wear very well.

Natural variation in tones and textures richly designed with exquisite grain patterns create teak shower floor that exudes elegance. Its subtle dramatic elegance brings a touch of sophistication to an apartment that is even slightly stuttering. Teak is grown in Burma and Thailand, and adheres to certain standards of legal logging. If you are interested in installing a teak floor, you must also ensure that manufacturer upon purchase of records and strictly adheres to guidelines of use.

Laminate teak shower floor are cheap, start a little over $ 1 per square foot. As regards authentic teak, price starts at about $ 4 per square foot, and can increase so that teak floor can price sometimes more than a dozen such price. These were some of most important advantages of teak floors and a con that must be taken into account before embarking on his mission to have floors swish looks and exudes supreme class.