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Contemporary bath vanities – When dealers sell contemporary bathroom vanities for a discounted price, but that does not mean they vanities are built with cheap materials such as cardboard or plywood. Nor does not mean that the vanity is full of dents, scratches and dents. Most vanities get discounted for the following reasons:

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Style Canceled: The contemporary bath vanities manufacturers stop makes certain styles of vanities all the time. When this happens, the producers off deeply the old models of bathroom vanities to make room for the new models in-store retail.

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Floor models: These models showroom may have small scratches that are not visible, as the back inside of the door.

One of the best ways to control the construction of bathroom furniture vanity is to look at the joints. If these joints are nailed, simply glued together or stapled, keep shopping. Look for joints that knot. Open the drawers. When open, check the drawer slides. If slides are made of plastic or wood, avoid them. The plastic will break and the wood will swell over time. Look shelves your contemporary bath vanities. Shelves in the cabinet should be at least 5/8 inch thick. Anything less than this and shelves begin to deform and eventually break.