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Mar 14th

Calico fabric – Calico bleached cotton fabrics and half processed less crude than denim. It has the look unfinished and was originally discovered and invented by the British during their policies and influence in India. It is a simple and inexpensive high-quality cotton; however, it is one of the oldest in India. The word “Calico” comes from Calicut, a European term for the Indian city. There are several units in Malabar, wherein the weaving of the fabric is produced on a large scale. Weavers trying to preserve the uniqueness of this ancient fabric of life known as and come from people in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
Various quality hard drab makes it suitable for all kinds of products such as bags robust, patchwork quilts, curtains, pillows and blankets. Today scenario. Perhaps the most interesting use of this substance is as a fashion designer to create designs using dolls or unfinished. Used as a rough drab canvas their experiments, because it helps them save more money to buy expensive materials. It is also excellent material for all kinds of embroidery. It is also used for home decoration items and handicrafts. Calico fabric is very flexible and can be used in a wide range of products – skirts, dresses, handbags, canvas backdrop for the picture. This is probably one of the few materials which can be used according to their needs, and not be used only in a certain way.
Since drab impact on Europe, it is a substance that is recognized worldwide. While it may not be known as one of the most fashionable clothing, and most luxurious, it has made remarkable for themselves in the media sector, fashion and low maintenance, especially in the field of arts and crafts. Calico fabric, fabric for more than fashion, maybe not great popularity or importance, because we did not find such luxuries. However, it is the fabric that we cannot ignore the appeal robust and flexible. Moreover, the material is always in demand for the projects of the various trades, such as painting, background for sewing or weaving.

Vintage Calico Fabric
Vintage Calico Fabric
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