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Reclaimed wood bathroom vanity? Of course, it is ideal choice! bathroom is a place to feel good. Although many mornings cannot spend too much time in our bathroom, this must remain a welcoming place. Wooden bathroom furniture gives this place your home especially nice touch.

Posted on June 13, 2019 Bathroom Vanity

Reclaimed wood bathroom vanity furniture are wonderful, nice and furniture while creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in bathroom. wooden bathroom furniture transforms a cold, wet environment in a comfortable stay where we want to be. Whether a shelf, a closet or dresser: wood is a very popular material for its simplicity and charming naturalness. wood in this case should not present their typical appearance and color, bathroom furniture wood are very popular in white or other light colors. Bathroom furniture wood in its natural color is also very special and can give our bathroom a unique charm, especially in combination with a particular decorative style.

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In bathroom usually prevails high humidity? Taking a shower, bathing, dries your hair, sometimes even a washing machine; everything adds up! That is why reclaimed wood bathroom vanity must withstand a level of humidity that normally would not experience elsewhere in house. It is therefore necessary that these bathroom furniture have been treated specially to get seal wood. It is absolutely essential, if wood is not properly treated, your furniture quickly lose their appearance and be ruined. If you choose wooden bathroom furniture, make sure furniture is specially designed for bathroom, not just any wood furniture is adequate.

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Reclaimed wood bathroom vanity – A re-purposed agency, whether purchased new or available at a thrift store, makes a charming bathroom vanity. The agency adds storage space and creates a basis for the bathroom design. Deputy either a dressing table with a large mirror or a cabinet with doors for vanity. While installing bathroom vanity with a dresser is largely straightforward, consult a professional if you have any qualms about working with plumbing.

How to reclaimed wood bathroom vanity, sand the front, sides and drawer fronts in agency just enough polish so the paint will adhere to it. Paint the agency uses enamel paint that will stand up to the moisture in the bathroom. If you prefer to leave the agency unpainted, apply multiple coats of polyurethane to protect against moisture. Place the sink upside down on top of the dresser and draw the outline with a pencil. Mark the back of the Agency on the stains plumbing pipes coming out of the wall. Use drill and jigsaw method for cutting holes for the pipes on the back of the dresser.

After that to reclaimed wood bathroom vanity, remove the top drawer of the bureau, if it bothers plumbing. Tile top and upper edges of the agency. Remove the old vanity from the bathroom and push the agency into place and make sure the plumbing protruding into the inside of the agency. Use a frequent gun to run a bead of silicone caulk around the sink cutout. Release the sink in place, wipe up tight oozing out, and hook up the plumbing.